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Head on over to Goodreads for the Breakfast with the Billionaire Giveaway! You have until March 31, 2023 to enter to win one of 100 Kindle copies of the book!

Goodreads Book Giveaway

Breakfast with the Billionaire by Keely Stephens

Breakfast with the Billionaire

by Keely Stephens

Giveaway ends March 30, 2023.

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In case you’re still not sure what the book is about, read on!

Popular chef.
Billionaire playboy.
The boss.

Chelsea Bartlett knows all she needs to know about chef Grant Forelle: his reputation as a lady’s man precedes him. Now, she works in one of his restaurants, and despite his allure—and how much he flirts with her—she’s vowed not to cross the line between boss and employee. After all, she dreams of owning her own business someday, and a glowing recommendation from him is at stake. And, in her heart, Chelsea knows a simple fling would never be enough.

Grant Forelle wants his restaurant to succeed, and Chelsea Bartlett just might be the person to help make that happen. But Grant isn’t counting on his intense attraction to Chelsea or the way she challenges him. And that citrus-vanilla scent that seems to permeate the air when she’s near . . . If he chooses to chase her, he’ll lose sight of his end goal: turning his restaurant around. And life is all about the restaurant business, isn’t it?

A weekend trip to Charlotte, North Carolina, changes things for both Chelsea and Grant. And now, a question for them both arises: What’s a more important pursuit, business or love?