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Billionaire Series: Reading Order

The Billionaire series features stories set in the fictional town of Five Rivers, Ohio. Each is a standalone novel, and they can be read in any order (unless you absolutely must read in chronological order). Breakfast with the Billionaire stars Chelsea Bartlett and Grant Forelle. The second in the series—currently titled Business with the Billionaire—involves Grant’s brother, Jonathan “Byrd” Forelle, and Josephine “Josie” Hampton. The third in the series, Bargain with the Billionaire, follows Chelsea’s best friend, Lilly, and Grant and Byrd’s half-brother, Blake Garner.

If you like the grumpy/sunshine (maybe a little enemies to lovers?) trope, this book is for you.
If you like the friends to lovers (maybe a little fake dating?) trope, this book is for you.
If you like two people who are resistant to love, this might be the book for you