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Business with the Billionaire

Billionaire Series Book #2

Handsome stranger.

Charming neighbor.

Too good to be true?

As a therapist and in her personal life, Josie Hampton prioritizes honesty and clear communication, so when her relationship goes south—thanks to her boyfriend’s lies—she finds it difficult to trust again. Then she meets Byrd, a sexy and intriguing courier in her building, who manages to push past her defenses at every turn.

Billionaire businessman Jonathan Byrd Forelle is ready for something real. He’s tired of wondering if the women he dates want him or what his money can buy. Then he meets Josie, the spirited and seductive woman from up the hall, who has no idea who he really is. 

When a few fortuitous encounters lead to more between them, two questions arise: Has Byrd found the love he’s been looking for? And will Josie be able to forgive a lie even when it’s told for the right reason?