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Bargain with the Billionaire

Experienced landscape architect.

Eye-catching newcomer.

Stiff competition.

Lilly Santos-Milligan likes to have fun in life and love, and subscribes to the motto the more the merrier. Until she interprets her mother’s health woes as the universe telling her to pull away from meaningless relationships and concentrate on her landscaping business. Then she meets Blake Garner, the long-lost Forelle half brother, who makes her second-guess her decision to forsake men.

Newly minted billionaire Blake Garner hopes to prove to his newfound family that he’s worthy of their love and respect and that he’s capable of spearheading a successful landscape architecture firm. With his eye on the prize, he plans to stick with his solid, stable ways and has no intention of starting any relationships—especially one with the often impulsive Lilly Santos-Milligan.

A “miscommunication” forces Lilly and Blake to join forces, and the more they work together, the more their desire grows. Soon, both Lilly and Blake must ask themselves: What’s keeping them apart?

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